Fylling’s Illustrated Guide to Pacific Coast Tide Pools


This is wonderfully beautiful and informative field guide to Pacific tidal pools. As a South Bay resident of California, I have had contact with tidal pools and many aquariums in my life time. During my time as an undergraduate at UCSC, I had taken a marine biology course out of pure interest as was even treated to a field trip to the local tide pools at Natural Bridges. This book provides the basic information regarding the environment and habitants of tide pools along the Pacific coast and will likely be able to aid newcomers interested in observing nature to understand and distinguish the animals and plants within this diverse ecosystem.

This was a treat to read as not only was it written in a way that would be easily understood by even the youngest of inquisitive minds, it was in depth on the habits of each individual creature as well as informed readers on how to be respectful and caring when observing. The only downside to this is that it doesn’t get particularly detailed about each animal and plant it touches on. As an learning guide, it only skims the surface (pun intended) of the tide pool dwellers, but as a field guide, it’ll do just the job to inform you on how to distinguish between similar creatures and how to treat their homes with kindness.


The illustrations are a wonderful addition to the book and provide reference to the textual description as well as aid for the reader when actually observing tidal pools. Each bright and detailed illustration page is clustered with different creatures and are even drawn mostly to scale with one another so that each animal and plant and easy to differentiate with each other. I do wish that the author could have provided a drawing at the very end, depicting the over all ecosystem, showing all flora and fauna cohabiting with each other.

This was a brilliant and easy to follow guide and I highly recommend it to anyone who is the least bit interested in marine biology or our ecosystem!


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One thought on “Fylling’s Illustrated Guide to Pacific Coast Tide Pools

  1. Thank you for your kind words! It’s so great to hear from a reader (and fellow Santa Cruz alumnus). Would you consider writing a review on Amazon? Thanks again, and take care.


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